Beauty Beyond Fifty is the mature beauty pro providing holistic personal care and guidance naturally.

Creator of Beauty Beyond Fifty

It has been quite the journey developing Beauty Beyond Fifty.

Initially I began my career back in 2006 attending the Baltimore School of Massage. Upon entry I was given the option to study both massage therapy and physical fitness modeled by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). It was there I was also introduced to and received my first Reiki attunement. Upon graduating I became employed as a medical massage therapist. The experience and knowledge I gained allowed me to start my own business.

From 2009 through 2010 I was deployed to Iraqi Freedom through the Army Reserve. Not long after returning, I came back from the middle east needing to get reestablished. I started by acquiring more training as a skin specialist at the Lancaster School of Cosmetology. Upon completion I immediately furthered my education receiving considerable training which included the longest, most in depth laser training in the industry through the National Laser Institute. It was there I also trained in other types of equipment and advanced skin care which would eventually help me to bring about alternative treatments for which I was trained.

As both a massage therapist and esthetician I quickly became aware of how modern science within the beauty industry was developed, innovatively altered and promoted through costly invasive medicinal practices encompassing the use of expensive equipment, tools and procedures. In addition to this, as an older individual coming into the field of esthetics, I discovered finding noninvasive holistic beauty services specific to the older generation was not so easily navigated.

I began to explore and learn many different advanced facial modalities as I am continually fascinated with the knowledge many ancient practices have to confer within this specialty.

Maintaining myself as a NSCA-Certified Fitness Specialist, Energy Practitioner and NCEA Nationally Certified Esthetician allowed me to make it a priority to include postural restructuring, mind/body fitness and facial energetic therapy helping me to develop a further understanding of how to treat beauty through health that is specific to conditions reflective of the aging process.

Through many classes, research and working with many clients searching for natural, healthy alternatives to graceful aging I was able to develop specialized facial massage techniques. I have also studied skincare and makeup for aging skin along with being certifiably trained in sleek brows, nova lash, keratin infusion and brow rehab. I do not practice all that I've been trained in. I like to believe all learning is good learning, however I did not find all my studies to be in alignment with treating beauty in a smart, affordable and healthy way.

As someone who is over fifty herself, I am aware of what matters most to those of us with aging skin and an aging body. I am friendly and welcome you to come in for a tour or consult anytime.