For Licensed Professionals

Japanese Facial Massage In All Four Stages

In this 16 CE class you will learn how perform an ancient, therapeutic facial massage beginning with stage one (the facial drainage stage) integrating facial rollers with first contact facial massage strokes. The second stage (the steaming stage) steaming with a moist towel followed with a dry one. The third stage (the moisturizing stage) is facial massage pre-energizing stage and the fourth stage (the energizing stage) is acupressure restoring balance as you release energetic blockages.  Your clients will experience increased venous circulation of the face and neck areas, relaxation, decreased tension of the face/neck/head muscles, and it will benefit clients who experience headaches, sinus problems, migraines and TMJ disorder. *Enrollment for first day includes the second day. $295

Advanced Acupressure Shiatsu Integration for the Japanese Facial Massagee In All Four Stages

This class is approved for 7 CE's. This is an advanced integration of acupressure shiatsu working alternately with the side of the head, face and shoulders with blended facial massage. Prerequisite is the Japanese Facial Massage. $150

The Art of Professional Facial Rolling

Level 1: A perfect class for dual licensed massage therapists and estheticians. Integrate facial rolling into your facial massage skillfully with flow. Get creative with facial massage protocol building. Combine proper rolling techniques with the right facial rollers. Class will include dry brushing, hands on facial massage, tandem facial rolling, roller scalp and brow massage. Facial massage oil provided by student. Elevate your facial massage as you save your wrists and hands with a rolling modality you and your clients will enjoy! $200

NCBTMB Approved Provider #1000658