Mature Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep

Vicky Noll

Your face and eyes are a reflection of your health. Much of the root cause of wrinkles and other external manifestations is not in the face, eyes and skin alone but in internal body imbalances that can be improved upon through nutrition, herbs, toxin removal, postural restructuring and beauty methods restoring youth and glow while creating balance and energy.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) your kidneys are the gateway to life. At onset of age fifty kidney essence drops dramatically and only continues to decrease more as we age. As a result of this our metabolism decreases, and deep wrinkles begin to form in conjunction with discolorations and/or bags around the eyes. In addition the Western diet has a very negative impact on kidney essence. All foods report to the kidneys as either acid or base. Refined grains, dairy, beans, meat, eggs, and salt are all acid producers. This makes the western diet slight acid yielding; and can cause us to have what is known as metabolic acidosis resulting in promoting osteoporosis, kidney stones, stroke and hypertension.

The food groups that are the only foods in the base category are fruits and vegetables. Sugar and oil are neutral in this. Creating balance by making fruits and vegetables at least 50% of your diet is critical as we enter into this era.

The Western diet's depletion of essences most notably with the kidneys began to take shape with the evolution of flour starting all the way back in 1880 with the invention of steel rollers. This is what brought about the production of flour in the form we know it today. This invention squeezes out the endosperm as it sieves off the germ and bran (outer coating of wheat) increasing the glycemic load greatly as it removes vital nutrients. This is what lead to the creation of refined grains. Refined grains (flour based products) are high glycemic load carbohydrates responsible for promoting diseases of insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, hypertension, coronary heart disease, dyslipidemia (elevating bad cholesterol, reducing good cholesterol), obesity, gout, acne, and epithelial cell cancers (breast, colon and prostate).

Coffee and other stimulants, NSAID (aspirin, ibuprofen), anxiety or heavy stress also impact kidney health.

Granulated sugar (sucrose) as we know it came into the picture around two hundred years ago from India. It feeds the bad bacteria in the body. If the bad bacteria is more abundant than good bacteria you may have what is called candida and although you may not be aware of it, your skin will show it in the form of acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea with or without the help of other root causes. Sugar also has a glycation effect on the body and the skin helping wrinkles and age spots to form.

Glycation is the binding of a protein molecule to a glucose molecule resulting in the formation of damaged non-functioning structures known as advanced glycation end products. Glycation alters protein structures and decreases biological activity. Many age related diseases such as arterial stiffening, cataracts, and neurological impairment are partially attributed to glycation.

Recent research also indicates that an intrinsic part of the aging process involves damaged structures and tissues that gradually accumulate in the body through this destructive process of glycation which is caused by an elevation in blood sugar.

Rosacea, eczema and couperose can result from immune weakness most often caused by digestive inflammation, acid reflux, h. pylori, gluten sensitivity or chronic conditions in the IBS family.

Depletion of spleen and kidney essences causes sagging around the chin also known as jowls and puffy/baggy eyes. Bad candida bacteria in the body also deeply declines the spleen essence. Black foods for example; black beans, black grapes, and black sesame seeds, promote kidney essence. Sweet potatoes and squash promote spleen essence.

Melasma and age spots are caused by a decline in liver essence. Lemons detox the liver. Green and blue colored foods promote liver essence.

Herbs can be an everyday food like walnuts for example when taken in specific quantities at specific intervals. Proper postural restructuring affects every organ in the body including the digestive system.

Our skin is the equivalent of what the leaves are to a tree. You could treat the leaves of the tree to help make it prettier however if you beautify it by treating it through the roots the results are more stunning.

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